What You Need to Know About Reporting a Car Crash

When you get involved in a car accident and you file a claim,the first thing an insurer will want to know is whether there is a police report. If you don’t have this report,chances are it will be hard for you to obtain compensation.

If the Police Arrive at the Accident Scene

If the police arrive at the accident scene,there is no need for reporting a car crash in Rockford,Illinois. The police will collect all the evidence and prepare a report. Your insurer can retrieve the report,and the compensation process can then begin.

If the Police Do Not Arrive at the Accident Scene

If this is the case,reporting a car crash in Rockford,Illinois is necessary if you want to obtain compensation. You must visit a local police station to do so.

Collect All the Evidence

If the police do not arrive,you should collect all the evidence for reporting a car crash. You should jot down notes and take photos. These will help you when making your report.

Report a Car Crash on Time

It is a legal requirement to report the crash within 24 hours in the following conditions:

  • There is a fatality.

  • There is a serious injury requiring ambulance transportation.

  • Alcohol or drug abuse is a contributing factor.

  • There is a danger to any person.

  • One or more vehicles are causing traffic disruption.

When You Should Not Report

You should not report if an accident happens in your vehicle or on your property. You do not have to report accidents that have no injuries,fatalities,or loss of property.

The Bottom Line

When reporting a car crash in Rockford,Illinois,you should have your driver’s license,vehicle registration details,and details about the other drivers,vehicles,and third parties involved. Your report must be accurate and complete.

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