Common Cases Involving Family Law in California

Domestic relations can be complicated. The courts may intervene to maintain order and protect the vulnerable. A lawyer specializing in family law in California will usually handle the types of case we’ve listed in the following article.

Marriage and Dissolution

Unions must satisfy certain requirements. For instance,both parties must be single at the time of the marriage. They should be of legal age. They must choose to enter the union of their own free will. Marriage grants them certain perks such as lower taxes,property rights,and hospital visitation rights.

Couples may want to dissolve the marriage later on for a variety of reasons such as infidelity,infertility,fraud,and psychological incapacity. There are different paths that can be taken. Annulment voids the union from the beginning as if it never happened. Divorce,on the other hand,severs ties while acknowledging the validity of the partnership beforehand. These have massive effect on the children and property. The assistance of[dcl=6608] is invaluable in safeguarding the welfare of everyone concerned.

Child Custody

Whenever a couple separates,one of the biggest issues is child custody. The courts will decide on what’s best for the children. They will choose the side that demonstrates better ability to take care of the young ones. The mother will usually get to keep them,especially if they are still of a tender age,unless they are proven to be unfit for the task of child rearing.

Child Adoption

Those who wish to adopt a child or even an adult should consult a lawyer.[dcl=6608] can guide their clients throughout the process. They will help avoid pitfalls and make everything go as smooth as can be. They will find solutions to any challenge that may come along.

Paternity and Legitimacy

These will require clarity for cases involving inheritance,child support,and surname use. A[dcl=6608] can help in collecting evidence like DNA results and vital documents for court presentation.

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