The Tenth Major Zurich Axiom: On Consensus

By John Sage Melbourne

Overlook the majority viewpoint. It is most likely incorrect.

To make money as a speculator,study the thinking of Rene Descartes. Do not accept the reality of anything that you do not understand from your own study to be real. Overlook what anybody else informs you till you have thought it through for yourself. “Rarely anything that has been pronounced by one found out individual,the contrary has been asserted by another … And it would get absolutely nothing to count votes … for in the matter of a hard concern,it is more likely that the reality needs to have been found by few than by numerous.”

We far too readily accept the majority position. This over approval of the majority viewpoint also spills into the world of financing. The majority may be right,but the odds are they are not.The axioms disagree with a good deal of popular knowledge: a bird in the hand deserves two in the bush,build a varied portfolio,just wager what you can afford to lose and so on.Most of people believe the ancient clichés to be unarguable reality. You may also observe that the majority are not rich.

Minor Axiom XIV: Never ever follow speculative trends

Often the best time to purchase something is when nobody else wants it.{ When is the best time to purchase? When the rate is low of course. And when is the best time to sell? When it is high of course. Obvious,this method is extremely hard to carry out for the majority,because get captured in what the majority are doing.

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